Each player is given 6 Coins ranging from 1 to 6 in value. When a Coin is used once, it cannot be played again.

One of 6 random Community Coins ranging from 1 to 6 in value will drop, and players must submit one of their available Coins to win the round.

The player with the larger Coin wins the value of their own Coin, plus the Community Coin and the Coin of the opposing player for that round. For example: A player winning with a 5 over a 4, for the “6” Community Coin, would win 5 + 4 + 6 = 15 points for that round.

A tie on a round results in no points being awarded and all Coins in play being added to the pot for the next round.

Once you reach 32 points, you are guaranteed the win, and gameplay stops. If the last round ends in a tie, the player with the higher score wins, if both players have the same score the game will result in a tie.

Game Rules
Game creator chooses the Buy-In, ranging from 0.001 (one tenth of a “millibitcoin”, or mBTC) to as high as they wish.

Both Players have 30 seconds to choose a Coin to play. If this time runs out, game is forfeited to the other player.

First to 32 points wins.
While there is no house-edge, the site takes 1% of the pot for commission purposes.

Watch a Game Play Video

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